Research Facility

The MOCAP research facility is located on the campus of Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. The 4,000 sq ft facility provides researchers the tools and equipment needed to develop and test emerging battery chemistry.

  • 600 sq ft. Munter dry room is available which is capable of room conditioning down to 0.5% relative humidity, which is required in the handling of lithium-ion material
  • VAC Omni-Lab glove box
  • Battery pouch and bag lamination equipment for chemistry containment
  • Miniature welders for button and tab.
  • Fluke 298 Logging Mulit-Meter’s with TrendCapture
  • Arbin Instruments multi-channel cell charge/discharge cycle tester


Click here for a full list of material handling and test equipment available.

Exclusive or shared leasing of the facility is available to researchers, corporations, government agencies, universities and private individuals. Leasing is available for weekly, monthly or annual use. Lease options include full use of the facility, including dry room access, or use of specific equipment for targeted testing of materials or products.

Technical assistance can be provided by leading experts in the field of battery R&D and a state-wide network of university faculty with extensive knowledge of electrochemistry and special materials. Lab students are available to assist in data gathering and documentation requirements.

Private office space is available in the facility for team management and staff.

The facility provides video conferencing capabilities to facilitate collaboration with colleagues  around the world.

The video conference room also supports a small wet bar area to prepare daily refreshments.

Located on the campus of MSSU, the university is prepared to allow access to the facility 24/7 with campus security regularly monitoring the building.

For more information or to review a sample contract, please contact:

Dr. Tia Strait
MSSU Dean of Technology